Meowy Monday — Where You See Cats

If you’re like me you look for cats everywhere you go. Or at least you notice them when you’re out walking, driving, traveling, shopping. You see them in yards, lolling in windows of neighborhood homes, roaming in parks, outside restaurants, and working in industrial yards and warehouses. Some of us even go to the trouble of visiting cats at shelters, cat cafés, and businesses that “hire” cat greeters, mousers, etc.

Where are some of the most unusual places you’ve seen cats? I have visited cat cafés in several cities as well as cat shelters, but I’ve been surprised to find cats in a variety of businesses over the years—my veterinarian’s clinic, a bookstore, the library, a packing house, pet stores, on boats, and even at the beach. In England, you might see cats guarding royal properties—well, actually, I think they’re hired as mousers. In Japan, you can ride a train filled with cats. (On my bucket list.) As a child, all I had to do was visit my grandparents’ homes and I’d see cats—one or two at one grandmother’s house and dozens at another. (Yes, I believe she was a car hoarder.)

In my stories, Rags and Olivia have all sorts of experiences outside of the norm for a cat. That’s one of the concepts that add charm to my Klepto Cat and Calico Cat books. Rags is a cat wrangler. He has actually ridden a horse a time or two and Olivia has recently made friends with a horse. Oh, wait until you read this story—coming soon.

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