Feline Fun Friday – National Hug Your Cat Day

This “holiday” comes once a year on June 4, but if you’re like me you celebrate it many times every day. A pet here, a fur-ruffling there…You run your hand over your cat’s silky fur every time you walk past her. You pick her up and snuggle with her, you encourage her to jump in your lap while you’re relaxing and she encourages you to scratch her neck, and you tickle her cute tummy whenever she’ll let you and massage those sweet paws.

You probably also talk to your cat. I do that, too. And, of course, I hug her—again, when she’ll let me. I especially enjoy it when she encourages and invites it.

So why do we need a special Hug Your Cat Day. No one actually knows, but here’s an article with some of the details of the holiday and some interesting things about cats. https://www.holidayscalendar.com/event/hug-your-cat-day

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