Feline Fun Friday – Does Your Cat Know Her Name?

Olivia comes running (or strolling) almost every time I call her name. I say almost because, well, you know how cats are. They are predictable in that they’re not.

If you read about cats, you may have noticed an increase in studies about cats. Recently I came across this report of a study designed to further test the intelligence and awareness of the cat. It’s well known that cats recognize their own names when called or mentioned. They don’t always respond as we would like them to, but they will often respond with at least an ear wiggle or an eyelid lift. But a group of researchers began to wonder, do cats recognize the names of the other cats in the household? I’m not sure why we need to know this, but it’s kind of an interesting concept.

This new study indicates that cats may very well recognize the names of other cats in the household as well as some of the people. Researchers determined this by showing pictures and videos with audio of people and cats in a particular cat’s household and then using that person’s or that cat’s name. The most important part of this study was when they used the wrong name for the people or the cats in the household. Apparently the cats spent more time looking at the video or the photographs when the researcher used the wrong name, causing them to conclude that the cat was confused. More about this study here:


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