Paws Up for Wednesday – Saving Fire Cats

Fires happen—house fires, wildfires, and other types of fires—and cats are sometimes victims. Most often they will run away when a fire becomes threatening. Some get lost and never return or they return to rubble and can’t find their people. Some fire cats adopt new people.

With fires raging in the western states again this year, I thought it was appropriate to address this issue. And who better to do so than someone who specializes in rescuing cats caught in fires. Shannon Jay is a former law enforcement officer, turned fire-cat rescuer. Yes, he calls these cats,  Fire Cats. He has rescued 150 fire cats and has reunited more than 50 with their families.

Here are two articles telling his story and the story of cats he has rescued. It comes with some valuable information and suggestions. If you live in an area of potential fire danger, and if you have beloved pets, read these articles. One important message here is “If your cat gets lost during a fire or a threat of fire, don’t give up the search.”


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