Meowy Monday – Writing About Cats

What’s the big deal about cats? I don’t know, maybe you can tell me. For some of us, cats have always been a big deal. There’s just something intriguing about those furry, whisker-faced, dumplings.

Who could have predicted, however, that cats would take over the internet and become such a popular attraction on social media? I have to wonder what this technology has done to or for the cat. One can only hope that it has been and is to the cat’s benefit—that more cats are being rescued and lovingly cared for.

One significant contribution in honor of the cat are the writings they have inspired. It’s nothing new—we’ve always had poetry, art, fiction and nonfiction books and articles and magazines and even movies and cartoons featuring cats, but these works have never been as notable and available and, seemingly, well-read as they are today.

I’ve been writing about cats for nearly fifty years. In earlier years it was mostly poetry and articles. It wasn’t until the advent of the e-reader and the growing infatuation with cozy mysteries that I stepped into the world of cat fiction. Fifty-seven Klepto Cat Mysteries and Seven Calico Cat Mysteries later, I’m still writing these fun and intriguing cozy mysteries and I’m still having fun doing so.

If you haven’t read a cozy mystery with cats, you might want to pick one up and see what all the hullabaloo is about. You might just have yourself an enjoyable feline-filled afternoon.


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