Meowy Monday – A Most Responsible Kitten (and More)

Did you see the story of Binx, the kitten tagged the most responsible kitten around? He was found with a litter of very young kittens and they say he stayed with them until they were all rescued. It’s a sweet concept that he was caring for the kittens. But in reality, he was probably just hanging out with them for companionship and comfort. Binx was just six- or eight-weeks-old himself. And it was the right thing to do as they were found and rescued, and now they’re all being cared for. Here’s the link to the story:

In other news, all Russian cats have been banned from some of the most prestigious cat shows at least until tomorrow (May 31, 2022).

Did you read the story of the young man in Indiana who saw a cat in a tree at a local park and climbed up to rescue him? Well, the teen got stuck and the fire department had to come and rescue both the boy and the cat. That’s one way to get help saving a cat.

And here’s a feel-good story. A cat went missing in Portland. The family gave up looking for Ashes and, in fact, mourned her. Six years and 1,500 miles later Ashes was found in Florida and reunited with her family. I love when that happens.

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