Feline Friday Fun – Your Cat’s Favorite Toys

Are your cats as fickle about their toys as Olivia is? She love-love-loves a toy, then she doesn’t. She becomes so excited about a toy that she plays with it all the time and manages to lose it under furniture, in sofa cushions, etc. So you buy her more. Soon, however, her fascination for that toy is over and she never plays with it again.

She has no interest in what were Lily’s favorite toys—tiny stuffed animals. Lily even had a little toy veterinarian, which she wasn’t actually crazy about. Her favorites were her baby opossum, her stuffed moose from Alaska, and a snuggly little lambie.

Sophie likes small soft toys and fuzzy mouse toys with tails. She wrestles with the soft toys and she tosses the mice up in the air by the tails then pounces of them—yes, at 17 and a half years old.

Olivia loves toys she can carry in her mouth and those that skitter and scoot all over the wood floors. She skitters and scoots after them with great joy.

Neither cat will curl up in a warm cat bed, but they both like the cubbies in their cat condo and they can often be found inside their nylon tube sleeping or just hanging out.

Do your cats have special toys they just adore playing with? Do they covet something of yours—jewelry or your key chain or your pens or pencils, for example? Are they fickle when it comes to favorite toys? I guess that’s their way of keeping us on our toes.



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