Meowy Monday –Who Doesn’t Love the Main Coon Cat?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything negative about the only natural cat breed created in the US—the Maine Coon cat. They’re sweet, friendly, beautiful, and they come in just about any color. Known as the gentle giant of cats, a Maine Coon can take up the space of two or three regular domestic cats—and some of them grow to be larger and heavier than a good-sized toddler.

I had Olivia’s DNA tested and she is one of many domestic cats to carry the Maine Coon gene. In fact the block of breeds the Maine Coon is included in—for DNA testing purposes—is the largest, so I imagine a great number of cats tested have a Maine Coon background.

If you’ve ever known a Maine Coon or a part Maine Coon with a lot of the typical features, you probably adored this cat for many reasons including their beautiful temperament and beautiful coat.

I find “throw-back” Maine Coon cats interesting—those that come from a litter comprised of all short-hair kittens with no Maine Coon features—like Molly and Annie—pictured.

My first encounter with a Maine Coon-type cat was when one approached my folks asking for a place to stay. Thankfully they took the cat in and he was a wonderful pet for the next ten years or so. In talking to people who had a Maine Coon or a Maine Coon-type, these cats are among the most unforgettable cats they’ve ever known. Who doesn’t adore a gentle giant?

If you’re a fan or are interested in the Maine Coon, here’s a site you might enjoy.

Here are tons of pictures of the wide variety you’ll see in the Maine Coon. You’re welcome.

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