Feline Friday Fun – A Cat’s Place

Where does your cat like to hang out—in the middle of everything so she’s always underfoot or in the dark crevices under a bed or in a closet? Some cats like to curl up in baskets—CUTENESS, empty boxes, under the couch with the dust bunnies, on the highest perch in the house, in the linen closet, or in a cool bathtub on a hot day.

I had two cats who loved to snuggle under the covers of my bed, especially when children came to visit. They were sure no one knew where they were when they hid under the covers. Olivia sometimes naps in a particular closet, so I always leave that one open just enough for her to go in—and especially to find her way out.

On the internet we’ve seen cats in small bird cages, curled up with a potted plant, or sprawled out on a computer or a piano keyboard.

I’ve seen cats hiding out in suitcases, tote bags, grocery bags, filing cabinets, desktop storage trays, sleeping in the back of a lazy Susan cabinet, curled up in a pony’s tail on a cold day, and even, occasionally, in a cat bed. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve found a cat?

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