Thoughts for Thursday – My Cat-Your Cat

Do you share a cat? I’ve learned over the years that cats develop a different relationship with each person in a household. A cat might closely bond with one person and tolerate the others. She may entice one family member to play every evening, ask another one to feed her, and curl up next to a different one for an afternoon nap.

Some cats have a favorite person. She’ll sleep in his bed, watch him when he leaves and wait for him to return, follow him around, sit in his lap and so forth. Other cats seem to like everyone in the family, only they’ll establish a different relationship and determine different boundaries with each of them. There are the one-person cats, the every-person cats, and those that love-love-love the person who is handing out the treats at the moment or feeding or playing with them.

In our house, Olivia is mine, until Dennis brings out the treats or introduces a fresh batch of cat grass or I’m asleep and Dennis is a willing massage therapist or playmate.

Sophie is Dennis’s—she’ll wait at the door for him when he steps out and spend as much time as she can on his lap. But there are certain things I offer her that Dennis doesn’t, so then she becomes mine.

I guess the bottom line is that cats are fickle and self-serving. Yeah, we knew that, didn’t we?

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