Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats in the Strangest Predicaments

Did you see the viral image of the cat who got stuck in the potato masher? It’s one of those hand-held mashers that one could never imagine being a problem for a cat, unless the cat has the capacity to turn into Jell-O and ooze in and around the thing until the cat is wearing it like a too-tight shoe that won’t come off. Agustas certainly had himself in a tangled mess. In case you can’t imagine it, here’s a picture and the story:


I’m also including a link to images of other cats caught in unusual and embarrassing predicaments, from being stuck sleeping between the furniture cushions to being caught in a screen door or in a small bird cage or even inside a bottle.

Plastic bags and gift bags can also be a problem for cats—as you’ll see in some of these photos. Our cat, Winfield, once became a little too snoopy at Christmastime and got his head caught in the handles of a gift bag. He ran to get away from it, but doggone if the thing didn’t chase him down the hall and under the bed. That was a hazard we sure didn’t expect and neither did poor Winfield.

Check out these photos. I think you’ll get a giggle and maybe even learn a few new things about the crazy things cats do.


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