Newsday Tuesday – The Mermaid Cat That Tried to Fly

Image result for Mermaid cat Mopac. Size: 176 x 170. Source: www.axios.comOr was her leap off the Mopac Bridge in Austin, TX an accident. The poor thing evidently had been running on hot pavement for a while as her paws were burned when they recued her. Did she find herself amidst traffic and couldn’t figure how to escape it? Did someone toss her out of a car? She ultimately jumped or fell or was thrown off the bridge and into the water near where a family and a few individuals were boating and paddling. YES, they managed to save the Mermaid Cat and, the happy news is, the family plans to adopt her.

She jumped from an apparently awful situation into a beautiful life-ever-after. Sigh. I love those happy endings.

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  1. Nettie says:

    OMG, there are some awful people out there, because I doubt any cat would jump off a bridge by choice! She must have had no choice because of a terrible situation or was forced off by a human. Thank the Good Lord that she literally fell from the fire into a cool pool. Those rescuers are the best indeed.

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