Mindful Monday – How Imaginative is Your Cat?

I read a lot of stories and articles about cats because I’m interested in cats and because I enjoy sharing new concepts and fascinating cat tales with you. I love it when someone sends me a story, and I can count on some of my best friends to do so on a fairly regular basis.

This week Virginia sent me a fascinating piece on how cats really think about their owners. This study shows that cats actually hold us in their mind, much like we hold them in ours. Researchers claim that cats actually have an imagination. Now it’s easy for us to “imagine” that a cat has an imagination when we watch him chase after something that isn’t there or when he “pretends” that his treat is a mouse or a mole or a butterfly and he bats it around wildly before eating it.

Those who ran this study claim that our cats have the ability to conjure up a mental representation of us—yes, our cats can actually picture us in their mind.

In fact, they’re now questioning the belief that cats aren’t as interested in their owners as dogs are. Fascinating concept. Here’s the report. See what you think.


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