Newsday Tuesday—Cats in Unusual Places

Have you heard about the cats in the forefront of a mayoral race in New York City this year? One of the candidates, known for many things, including his propensity for rescuing cats, used some of those cats in his campaign. They accompanied him to interviews and photo shoots and they did a good job, although their candidate didn’t win this one. Rumor has it that this candidate—houses 17 cats in his small apartment. You can’t have just one, right?

It’s becoming more common to see a cat out and about with his human. Although I can’t think of a cat I ever had who wanted to travel with me or even accompany me to Petco, but some cats tolerate gadding about well. I’ve seen cats outside their carriers on planes and riding in strollers at the Cat Writers Association conferences and out taking a walk with their human through their neighborhood. One gorgeous cat in our neighborhood used to ride on his person’s shoulder around the block every evening. I met up with this cute cat (pictured) at the beach one afternoon. Made my day. I know people who traveled overseas for an extended stay with their cat and wrote about it.

In my Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mysteries Rags and Olivia travel. Rags rides horses and he likes to go hiking and adventuring with or without his family. Olivia (in my stories) visits restaurants—generally an outdoor patio is provided, but sometimes she finagles her way inside a posh eatery. And in one scene in an early Klepto Cat Mystery story Rags takes a bus all by himself to a fish store.

Since my own cats don’t care to experience time with me outside the house, I make up these fantasy outings in my books. Such fun.

If you want to find visit cats out and about in your neighborhood or where you might be traveling, check out this site: You’ll enjoy the journey.

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