Frivolous Friday – Things We Can Learn From Our Cats


I excerpted this from a blog post I published eight years ago this month. It features a few things we can learn from our cats.

  • Cats teach us to be real. They don’t put on pretenses. They are who they are every minute of their existence.
  • They know where they belong. Like the refrigerator magnet at my mom’s house says, “If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.”
  • They demonstrate the importance of taking care of their own needs first and foremost. You may need to take a nap, but you’d better feed a hungry cat, first, or you won’t get any rest.
  • They show us how to get what we need whether it is food or affection, for example. How? They ask for it–0n fact, insist upon it.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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