Thoughts for Thursday – Thoughtful Gifts From my Thoughtful Girls

My three daughters are some of my most enthusiastic cheerleaders—as I am theirs. When I published my first book, they arranged for a celebration at a local outdoor bookstore. When I returned home from Dubai after having been invited to give the keynote speech at a Toastmaster’s Conference there, I found a huge “Welcome Home” sign across my garage. Yup, a thoughtful gesture by my girls. They sent notes and cards of support, congrats, etc. when I began producing the mystery series. After I’d published nine or ten of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, they presented me with a gorgeous throw with pictures of the book covers. (You can see it in this photograph.)

This year I will publish my 100th book. Book 54 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series is going through the pre-publication stage now and will be a reality within mere weeks. Another milestone to celebrate, and my girls did so. Last week I received this beautiful bouquet of roses. What a life! I get to do what I love most—write fun stories brimming with cats, I have hundreds of fans, a purrfect life full of cats, and a wonderful family who supports me in so many ways. I am blessed.

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  1. Nettie says:

    What a full life you have! Not only do you have a wonderful family that enjoys spending time together, you are able to continue doing what you love and make so many people happy. Congratulations on your 100th book, may you have many more (I am a greedy reader, I know)!

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