Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Crazy Things Cats Do

Anyone who has had more than one or two cats over their lifetime knows that while a cat is a cat, they are all different. They adopt different traits, adapt in different ways, pick up different habits. Cats are full of surprises. Sophie has a nervous disorder—she licks a spot on her side until it is bald. It started after we evacuated because of a wildfire. Olivia is a people-watcher. Every early evening she insists that we lift the blinds and open the window so she can watch neighbors walk past, birds and cats visiting the yard, cars and trucks driving past, etc.

I’ve had cats steal things, bring me things, get interested in a TV program, beg for cantaloupe, drink water with their paw, and Olivia actually plays fetch sometimes. Here’s a site you may enjoy featuring more weird things cats do.


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