Frivolous Friday – Cat Food Made From Bugs? For Real?

It’s true, even some well-known pet food companies are making eco-friendly cat food from insects. Well, they tried feeding cats a vegetarian diet and that didn’t go over too well. Cats need protein. When scientists discovered that certain insects are similar in food value to meat, they went with it. Why? It’s less of a stress on the eco-system. Factory farming requires massive quantities of energy and water, for example. Not so with insect farming.

I read one account that said this food is not available in the US yet, but others counter that. Here’s a list of companies that make insect-based cat food: Tomojo, Catit Nuna, Conscientious Cat and Purina—Beyond Nature. Here’s a link to Catit Nuna’s website. It’s quite informative. For good measure—in case you and your cat are interested, here are two additional links.

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