Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto and Calico Cat Mysteries Factory?

As the world seems to be spinning out of control with prophecies and scientific predictions and even science fiction ideas becoming our reality, Olivia and I stay hunkered down in my office. Thank heavens for my love of writing and the ability to pursue it, because it is sustaining me in many ways throughout this rough patch.

Currently, with the print version of Book 53 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries now in the hands of Rags’s fans and the ebook version close to being ready, I spend my days in Olivia’s world creating book 3 of her series.

How’s it coming? MEOWvelously. Oh, there are always hiccups during the creative process, but they iron out fairly easily. All I have to do is watch Olivia, give her antics and CATtitude some consideration, and I soon visualize a clear path to a fun and meaningful episode.

So what’s happening in the factory? We continue to have fun creating and producing enjoyable stories featuring some of the most incredible and aMEWsing cats around. Watch for Book 3 of Olivia’s Calico Cat Mystery series to debut around the first of October.

By the way, come up with a title for Book 3 and I’ll send you an autographed and PAWtographed copy of the book when it’s published. As you may know Olivia insists that her name be part of the title. It should be brief—only a few words. Here’s a hint: This story involves missing cats that are disappearing under the most unusual circumstances. The clues Olivia finds at the scenes are blatant, but what in the heck do they mean? Of course, Olivia and a new fur-friend lead the charge toward pawing the unexpected culprit.

The first two books are “Oh! Olivia” and “Where’s Olivia?” What will the third one be? Leave your response here in a comment or email me


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  1. Mary Dawson says:

    Help us, Olivia!

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