Frivolous Friday – Cat Poop Coffee

Cats bring much into our life. They’re givers. Well, let’s backtrack here—yeah, most cats are a bit needy and they demand things their way, but you can’t deny the joy they bring you, right? Did you know that some cats can also poop a good cup of coffee?

True! The most expensive coffee in the world is made from coffee beans pooped from cats. The civet is a wild cat in Indonesia. They eat the coffee berries that grow in the area and the beans are harvested from the cats’ excrement, after being cleaned and roasted, of course.

The coffee, in case you want a cup, is called kopi luwak, and it sells for $500.

If you have that kind of taste—you know, for an exotic coffee made from cat poop, it may soon be a thing of the past. While the beans were originally harvested naturally from wild civets, it appears that some farmers have begun holding these cats in inhumane conditions for a more intense, less natural way of obtaining the coffee beans and authorities are putting a stop to that.

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