Thoughts for Thursday – The Great Cat Food Shortage of 2021

OMG, what else can go haywire in this century? Now there’s a cat food shortage. Have you noticed it? Are you having trouble getting your cats’ favorite food? We are. We can’t get enough of it at the grocery store or our local pet store, so we’ve ordered it online. They say, “It’ll be delivered August 4,” then there’s a delay, “new delivery date, August 12,” then, “sorry, we can’t deliver until August 19.” It’s still not here and we’ve given up expecting it. And have you checked online prices for cat food? Through the roof!

What’s the problem? They say, it’s a shortage of workers, a shortage of ingredients, and a shortage of supplies. Couple that with the fact that there are more cats to feed—yes, we have adopted more cats during 2020 and now we must feed them. One report says that over 11 million households adopted one or more pets in 2020.

So what’s the solution? One person (obviously a non-pet owner) said that our cats will just have to have a stiff upper lip and learn to adapt to the situation. Say what?

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