ild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What About Those Crossed Paws

Some cats, in particular the Siamese breed, have crossed eyes. But what’s up with the crossed paws. Olivia almost always crosses her paws when she lies down. It’s rather charming, don’t you think so? I’ve heard from others with calicos who also do the crossy-paws thing. But this is the first cat (and I’ve had calicos before) that crosses her paws almost every time she lays down.

I did a little research and learned that the breeds most prone to doing this are Maine coon cats and Ragdolls. Olivia has both in her heritage (according to a DNA test).

This is interesting, dogs sometimes will lay with crossed paws. Some speculate that dogs do this to show they are not aggressive, but cats do it purely for comfort. I wonder if it’s because of an unusual formation of the cat’s body. Olivia’s “elbows” stick out when she lays in certain positions. Are some cats just put together differently?

Here’s a site you might enjoy on cat posture. This might answer one of your burning questions, “Why does my cat do that?”

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