Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Silly Cat Day

What silly things does your cat do? Just about every cat I’ve known brought something new and different to the household, and I’d say that all of those cats had a silly bone. Be in a cat’s presence for long enough and pay attention, and you will see evidence of that silly bone.

Of course you’ve heard of the funny bone, which isn’t a bone at all, but when you knock against something in that area of your arm or knee, you sure get a funny feeling. A silly bone isn’t a bone either, it’s my quirky term for that part of a cat that inspires him or her do those crazy things that make us crack up—you know, laugh out loud. You may see it in his sleeping positions or the way she approaches a bug or what he seems to think is a bug. Have you ever watched your cat when he ultra cautiously sneaks up on something and swats at it as if he thinks it’s going to eat him alive. Funny!

Cats have accidents—you know, those oopsies that don’t hurt anyone, they’re just clumsy and funny—not funny to the cat, perhaps. Kittens especially have oopsies, but adult cats do too. I opened the closet the other day to look for something to wear and found Olivia hanging by a claw from a pair of my jeans. I thought it was rather funny. I’m sure glad I found her before something catastrophic happened.

I’ve written about how Olivia lives on the edge. She has rolled off tables, and the back of the sofa more than once. But the fall that tickled my funny bone most was when she rolled off my desk into the trash can. She was fine, only surprised and maybe embarrassed. It was hilarious but she would not repeat it so I could get a video. Oh! Olivia.

The unbridled energy a cat unleashes when playing is humorous—the way she focuses on an object of play and gets excited when it hides from her and she has to dig to recover it from a couch cushion or from under a throw rug. We should learn to be as focused when we face a challenge or task. In fact there’s a lot we could learn from watching a cat, but that’s for another post—maybe next week.


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