Newsday Tuesday – Cats Predict the Darndest and Most Critical Things

Can cats predict the future? Many cats have been accused of it. Is this a supernatural fete, a myth, or can cats actually foresee things that are about to happen? Here’s a site featuring seven things cats are known to predict or notice or point out. How do they do it? Experts believe it’s simply that cats pay attention to and use senses that we may ignore in ourselves.

Along with birds, dogs, and other animals, cats have been known to signal a pending earthquake, hurricane, and other natural disasters. It’s not clear as to whether they feel or sense a change in the atmosphere or, in the case of earthquakes, their ultra sensitive paw pads feel the tremors before we do, but a cat will often react by becoming restless or even hiding just before disaster strikes.

Cats can detect illness. In my Klepto Cat Mystery stories, Rags has helped pinpoint the cause of an illness or a pending illness in children and other animals. It’s true, that cats have been known to detect cancer in humans, and they seem to be able to foresee a diabetes or epileptic seizure before it occurs.

Those of us with cats believe they react to our moods. They seem to understand and even feed off our mood. They instinctively know when to stay out of your way and when to comfort you. If your cat is stressed, you might check your own level of stress—he could be feeding off of your current mood.

And there are cats that predict death. Oscar is probably one of the most well-known cat in this category. He lived in a nursing home in Rhode Island and is credited with helping 25 patients pass. Everyone knew when a patient was close, as Oscar would wander into their room and sit with them until they passed.

Here’s an interesting site that discusses this topic.

I wonder if a cat can also predict the weather by his behavior—on days when it is going to be cold out, does he hunker down in his bed next to the fireplace waiting for someone to light it or linger hunkered down under the covers that morning? If it is going to be a bright, sunny, and warm day, does the cat stretch out comfortably where the sun puddles will appear later that morning?


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