Mindful Monday – How Many Ways Do You Love Your Cat?

If your household is like ours, you’re probably constantly making concessions for your cats. Just now, I stopped working on this blog post for several minutes while Olivia stood on my lap (in the way of my keyboard) insisting (in her sweet way) that I use both hands to pet, scratch, rub, and love on her. Of course I accepted the invitation. Cats can be ultra charming.

Do you sit someplace else when your cat takes your seat? Of course she takes your seat. It’s what cats do—they get in your way when you’re busy and they take over your space when you’re not looking.

How often during the day do you stop what you’re doing to play with your cats or sit and watch them play or to just admire them? I’ll sometimes just watch a cat sleep.

Do you stay in one position in bed, sometimes until it hurts so as not to disturb the cat? I sit at the computer with Olivia on my lap sometimes for longer than I should be sitting. Olivia seems to sense when I should be up and moving around instead of sitting still for any longer. She’ll come into my office and become very vocal. I don’t speak cat-ese, but she makes it clear what she wants—a wild and crazy play session. I usually can’t resist—I mean who can work with a constant MEOW MEOW in the background? And I’m always glad I was swayed by Olivia because we do have a lot of fun playing together and it’s good for my back and shoulders to get up and move around several times throughout my work day.

I marvel at my writer friends who can actually produce readable and salable work with small children in the house or even a needy husband constantly wanting to chat or go out to eat or… But those of us with cats—and that’s a whole lot of us—also have distractions. I might complain once in a while and call out, “Oh! Olivia, you drive me crazy,” but boy do I love that cat and yes, I express it in many ways.


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  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    I just finished reading Olivia’s first book and totally enjoyed it! You really captured her wonderful personality in the book and I can’t wait for the next one.
    Little Kitty, our 17+ year old calico, likes to climb onto my lap at night and settle down for a few hours of sleep. I have to first love on her and rub her ears before she will settle down. What we do for our wonderful pets.

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