Thoughts for Thursday – The Material Cat

Actually I want to talk about the materializing cat—the cat who just seems to appear out of nowhere. Do you have such a cat? We do. Her name is Olivia. She has the ability to move from here to there without being seen. As a skittish kitten we would watch her scoot under a dresser to hide from us and while we’re on our hands and knees trying to coax her out, she’d appear behind us.

Last week we took her to the vet for her rabies shot. That was a nightmare of an experience. Olivia is an in-your-face, cuddly, snuggly, I want to be near you cat, until you want to catch her for some important reason. Then she becomes Jell-0 in your hands, a wad of that slime children play with, only with claws—well-honed claws. The chase down and capture was brutal. And I think we could have played it better. It was what it was and we had a battle on our hands.

At one point we saw her go under a bed. I’m on one side of it, and he’s on the other. “She’s coming your way,” I said.

“I don’t see her.”

“She should be right there in front of you.”

Nope—we found her hiding in a closet several feet away. How she got from here to there we don’t know. Then he saw her run into another room. We searched in there for several minutes, eventually finding her down the hall. She appears and she vanishes. We did finally get her to the veterinarian and the rest of the ordeal was peaceful and successful. But oh the guilt.

It isn’t just in situations like this that we’ve noticed Olivia’s ability to materialize. Whether we’re playing, looking for her at feeding time or to give her a treat, or just to check on where she is to make sure she’s safe—like you do with a cat who tends to find trouble, she does a crazy disappearing and reappearing act.

She’s nowhere to be found, then you turn around or look where you’ve already looked for her and there she is. It’s eerie and pretty much unexplainable.

Do you have a cat that materializes out of thin air? What’s your explanation?


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