Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Funny Cats

Cats have a sense of humor. Isn’t that one reason we keep them around? I can tell you that getting to know Olivia has been a blast and she has sure kept us entertained over these last 10 months. I wonder if cats know they’re comical or if they’re just being cats. Are they puzzled by our laughter?

What are some of the things your cats do to make you laugh? Winfield used to drink water with his paw. Rather than lap up the water from the bowl, he’d dip his paw into the bowl and lick the water off his dripping paw.

Olivia plays fetch with me and she gets so excited during the game it’s hilarious.

Winfield used to check his kibbles bowl every night before bedtime. If it was full, he’d go on to bed. If not, he’d sit at the bowl, wait for one of us to walk past on our way to shutting down the house for the night, and he’d alert us. “Hey look, I can see the bottom of the bowl. We need kibbles in here.”

Lily taking her morning shower

Once we’d fill the bowl, he’d walk away. I’ve never known a cat to so blatantly plan ahead. Do cats really have that ability?

I’d allow Katy, my elderly Himalayan, yard time when I was outside. She pretty much stayed with me wherever I was—always in the backyard. But occasionally, she’d slip away and start to walk toward the front. I’d call to her—“Katy, come back here.” She’d stop in mid-step, turn around and return. I guess she didn’t want to lose outdoor privileges.

Katy is also the one who would put me to bed at night. She’d trot into the bathroom with me, then on to bed we’d go. She’d lay next to me on my pillow until I was good and relaxed, then off she’d go to parts unknown as if her job was complete.

Aren’t cats wonderful—and funny?

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  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    I keep meaning to ask. I don’t recall if you’ve done a blog of the best, low dust litters out there. I currently use the Arm and Hammer Clump & Seal Slide litter. It still leaves a fine layer of dust after our cats use the litter box, but I wondered if there were even better ones out there.

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