Newsday Tuesday – Two New Cats on the Block

There are two interesting cats in the news this week—a newly discovered cat that roamed North America millions of years ago and a new resident of the Mt. Washington Weather Observatory in New Hampshire.

The giant saber tooth cat remains were recently discovered in north-central Oregon and, with a new tool, were identified as something different from those prehistoric cats formerly identified. Researchers took the tool to museums all over the US to compare this new find with those specimens on display and are now reporting that the new cat is something special. He weighed around 900 pounds and hunted prey weighing one to two thousand pounds. Here’s additional information about this amazing find.

In New Hampshire there’s a new cat working at the Mt. Washington Weather Observatory. Nimbus is the 9th cat to have the job since 1932. He takes the place of Marty, who was there for twelve years. Nimbus works as chief rodent control officer, company and comfort for staff, and he’s the official greeter for visitors to the observatory.

Cats in businesses and libraries aren’t a new concept. We all like to be greeted by a friendly feline when we’re touring or shopping, right?

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