Thoughts for Thursday – Thinking About Lily

Today would have been Lily’s 12th birthday. We lost her a year ago next month to chronic kidney disease. She was diagnosed when she was a kitten and under treatment all her life. She had two setbacks during that time and we were able to return her to health. The third time she fell into crisis mode and there was no recovery.

Even though we have the adorable, fun Olivia and even though Sophie, at the age of 16 and a half, is still healthy and a quite the charmer, I miss Lily every single day. But then most of you know what I’m saying. You never forget and you never quite heal from those cats that brought so much love and joy into your life. All cats are special. Some of them shine brighter. I miss you, Lily. Thank you for sending us Olivia.


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4 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – Thinking About Lily

  1. Susie Hargis says:

    It’s so hard when your baby goes to Heaven. You know she’s happy and having fun, but there’s a hole in your heart and life. I still miss my kitty Bonnie hugs, and she gave the best. I’m still grieving for one of our puppies, Bitsie, who left us in 2019. It still feels like yesterday. We’re blessed to share the love they give, but I wish God would leave them here a lot longer.

  2. Nettie Combs says:

    So sorry. We really do keep them all in a special part of our heart, don’t we? Sometimes I wonder if I want to go through the pain of loss again, but I just cannot imagine not having at least one cat! When I was growing up my Mom fed several outdoor cats, because Dad refused to spend money on litter supplies, etc. that any indoor cat would need. The bad part was that they would keep having kittens, who then got distemper and died, which was so sad. There was simply no way we could afford spaying or neutering, or shots to prevent disease. Once I started working, I could help pay for indoor cat care and Mom finally had real “pet” cats. I of course have continued the feline tradition.

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