Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – A Cat By Any Other Name

Do you wonder sometimes how your cat knows her name? You know that she (or he) does because the right cat in a multi-cat household generally responds (at least by a quick look) when they hear their name. Sometimes they even come to you. Of course, you can train a cat to behave in a certain way when they hear their name or a command, I’m afraid I haven’t reached that level of sophistication with my cats. Lily used to come when I called her name almost every single time—almost. But it puzzles me that cats do respond to their names because, if your household is like ours, you cat has many different names.

Around here, it is Kitty-poo, Baby-love, Pretty girl, Sweet-thing, Punkin, Princess, Missy-poo, but mostly it is O-LIV-iAhhh, and Sophie.

What do you find yourself calling your cats? Nice or naughty names? I’ve been known to put the word, “stinker” or “naughty” in there when I’m speaking to Olivia a time or two.

It occurred to me that how I speak to our cats says more about me than them. Is this true in your household?

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