Newsday Tuesday – Cats in Snow

You might shudder upon seeing a cat out in the snow. I do. Well, in pictures. I don’t actually live in the snow—never have. But it just doesn’t seem right to leave a cat out in the snow. However, some cats, it seems, love the snow and choose to go out and play in it. In fact there are certain breeds thought to adore a winter wonderland.

My cats like winter because it means they can cozy up next to the heaters and crawl under the blankets in my bed and curl up for long afternoon naps. But the Siberian, the Norwegian Forest Cat, and the Maine Coon actually enjoy rolling around and frolicking in the snow. But did you know that some Ragdolls and Persians and Himalayans do, as well? The Russian Blue is another cat that can tolerate the frozen winter. Well, they are from Russia, after all and they have that thick undercoat. Here’s a site showing the breeds that actually enjoy the out of doors on a snowy day.

And for your entertainment this morning, here are imagines of cats thoroughly enjoying themselves in the snow. This will bring a smile to your face for sure.


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