Thoughts for Thursday – Comfort Cats

Anyone who allows a cat into their life—especially now, when the world is in such turmoil—knows the comfort a cat can bring. You’ve probably noticed that when you’re sad or upset, your cat will stay close. I recall my Himalayan, Katy, who was n0t a lap-sitter, lying as close to me as she could one day when I was especially distraught. Katy often sat near me always touching me with one paw. She’d put me to bed at night and lay on my pillow for a few moments before leaving to do whatever cats do alone in the darkness.

Oh yes, I’ve felt the comfort a cat can bring many times with numbers of cats over the years. They have a sense about our emotions and some (if not all) of them will react. I’m sure you have stories to tell about how your cats have comforted you over the years. Meanwhile here’s a site on that topic that you might enjoy. Was I ever shocked to see myself quoted in this article. I guess that happens when you are constantly putting yourself out there as a writer.

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