Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Let’s Talk Crazy Cats

We talked about the crazy cat lady last week. Today I’d like to honor the crazy things cats do. Admit it, your cat has at least a couple of quirks—she goes crazy for ice cubes, would rather play with your office supplies (pens, paper clips, the phone cord, etc.) than her own toys. Maybe she snuggles under the covers on your bed to nap or she begs to watch cartoons on the TV. Some cats like to hang out in the kitchen when their human is preparing a meal or they run to the fax machine or printer when they hear it whirring and steal the paper to shred.

Lily used to drop her toys in her water bowl from time to time. Did she think her baby otter or tiny polar bear was thirsty or needed a bath?

Olivia takes her toys to the non-carpeted areas to play with so the toys will skid and so does she. She won’t eat her dried chicken treat until she’s played with it for a while. It’s as if in her mind it’s a mouse that needs killing before she can devour it.

Lily used to bring me my cozy socks in the morning and drop them at my feet. She’d come and tell us when her water fountain needed water—it makes a noise when it runs low—or if it was unplugged. Olivia simply dismantles the fountain if we leave it unplugged for too long. Sophie is fairly calm and hasn’t really developed many unusual traits, except that she likes to drool on my hair. Ick!

Here’s a hilarious site listing 25 of the oddest things cats do. See if your cat’s peculiarity is listed. I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy that you have the cat you have once you see what some cats do to drive their humans crazy. https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminnahar/weird-af-things-cats-actually-do One cat, for example, leads her human to the litter box after she’s done number two—to show it off, perhaps? Speaking of bathroom habits, one cat holds her owner’s toe while she’s on the toilet—to keep her from falling in???

And what about bugs. One cat looks at a bug and begins gagging. How hilarious is that? Another one brings worms to his people. I’d rather have the gagging cat than the worm delivering cat.

Some people complain about their cat getting the “crazies.” That’s when they tear around the house like a crazy cat. Here’s a site that explains possible reasons for this, in case you’re interested. https://www.thesprucepets.com/cats-acting-crazy-554821

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