Newsday Tuesday – Rapper Becomes Trapper (to save cats, that is)

You may have heard of Sterling Davis by now—the rapper who took a side job in a cat shelter to earn a little extra money and to hang out with some of his favorite “people”—cats. When he realized the need in the field—when he realized how many cats were actually fending for themselves—he got involved in TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release). Now he’s a full time worker and advocate for cats. Known as the TrapKing, he also educates children and adults in the need for and the process of TNR. In order to delight his audience, he often travels with his own three rescued cats, Bowie, Damita Jo, and Alanis Mewisette.

When he isn’t traveling or trapping, the TrapKing works with Java Cats Café in Atlanta helping to find homes for the cats and kittens they rescue. This is a guy who seems to be all in for the sake and safety of cats.

I like one of his quotes: “You don’t lose cool points for compassion.”

Here are two stories about this dedicated man.

Sterling Davis (The TrapKing) isn’t the only black man rapper to have a heart for cats. Moshow in Portland, Oregon learned to love cats when a friend gave him a Sphinx. He now has three of them and most of his rapping is about cats. Learn more about this interesting cat lover here:

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