Frivolous Friday – Pussy-Cat PAWlitics

We’re close to election day and candidates and their teams have been planning and campaigning and stressing for months. The candidates having the most fun, however, are those that wear fur. I introduced you to Juno, the klepto cat who is running for mayor of the small town of Carpinteria, California. Here’s the latest on her campaign. You’ll notice that her main platform is the fact that she keeps the town clean. You might be surprised at the size of her stockpile of the items she has found just lying around. Yes it’s on display for her constituents to see. Maybe they’ll find some of their belongings in there.

As you can see Juno’s campaign is a serious purr-suit. I thought you’d get a kick out of stories of other cats who have gone on the campaign trail over the years. Here they are:



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