Thoughts for Thursday – Halloween Cats

Will you be dressing your cat this Halloween? I’m sure you’ve seen some hilarious costumes on cats and dogs and even children on Facebook and Instagram this year. I saw a picture of a greyhound dog dressed like a greyhound bus.

Hopefully, though, you will keep your cats inside at least Saturday night—all week would be even better and all the time even better than that. Here’s a site outlining the dangers for pets on Halloween:

They include, treats—some of them are toxic to pets, uncomfortable costumes, candle flames, and the fear and stress of it all. It’s even stressful for some cats to have strange-looking little (and big) people showing up at the door with pillowcases large enough to haul away a nice kitty-cat. Oh my! This year we’ll not be participating unless any of our grandchildren stop by. Most of them will be celebrating “candy” day at home with their parents doing something equally as fun as running around the neighborhood in costume.

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