Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Helping Your Cats to Chill

Sure the past seven months have been rough—more than 8 months for us since I was sick almost the entire month of February. But who’s counting? Probably all of us, and we wonder when will it end? We’re eager to get back to normal and so are our cats.

According to many experts this unprecedented time in history has turned our pets’ world upside down too. Cats feel your pain. The harder it is on you, the harder it is on them. For people like me and many of you, who typically stay home a lot—work from home and so forth, not much has changed. However, if you’re like me, you’ve visited a gas station for a fill up maybe once during this pandemic and you’re having your groceries delivered and you’re not having people in. If you’re like me, you’re home a whole lot more than usual. So even though it may seem to you as though everything’s the same, it may not appear that way to your cats. And as most of you know, cats don’t always adapt well to change.

There’s the story of one cat, for example, who jumped from a 3-story balcony to get away from the constant loud music the college kid was playing at home all day. That’s extreme, but you might have noticed more subtle or glaring changes in your cats’ behavior in recent months. Litter box issues, more scratching on the furniture, and more nervous behavior in your cat.

Cats are sensitive to change and super sensitive to your moods and reactions. But there is help. Check out Jackson Galaxy’s site for tips for recognizing and resolving issues with your cat. https://www.catster.com/cat-behavior/how-to-help-your-cat-through-the-pandemic

Are you familiar with some of his helpful books? I love his titles: “Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home For Your Cat and You.” Also, “Catify to Satisfy—Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat Friendly Home.”

And for those of you who enjoy the quirky—there’s also a book of poetry written by cats. Here you’ll learn how the pandemic really is affecting cats worldwide. It’s “Locked Down, Cats Write Pandemic Poetry.” https://lindajwright.com/littlebooks

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