Newsday Tuesday – It’s Snuggle-With-Your-Cats Weather

It’s that time of year, when your cat is more apt to join you in your favorite chair or cuddle with you on the sofa. They might even opt to curl up in their own cozy beds instead of the tile floors as the weather turns cooler.

I remember times in past winters when I’d pull a blanket over me as I rested in an evening. One cat would crawl under the blanket with me and another one would lie on top of him. I guess that would be known as a pig-pile of cats.

This morning in Southern CA, it’s 44 degrees outside and 63 inside. First time I’ve flipped on the heater. It scared Olivia–the noise and the scent of the first-burn dust… She’ll grow to love the warmth, though.

Is your cat ready for winter? Is his bed washed and placed conveniently away from drafts and close to a heat source—if that’s the way she likes it? Maybe you want to place his cozy bed in an out of the way place, but he prefers lying in front of the fireplace or heater vent or under the covers in your bed. Follow his lead. He knows where he’s most comfortable.

And for heaven’s sake take a break and allow your cats some of that precious time with you. It’s good for the cat, it’s good for you, and it’s a purrfect way to deepen the bond between you.


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