Mindful Monday – We Get Klepto Cat Fan Mail

October has been a good month for fan mail. This happens occasionally. I get an email from a reader telling me how much they enjoy reading about Rags, how they wish I would write faster as they are so intrigued by my stories that they devour my books. They also often tell me that they love my characters and would like to know them—you know, sit down with them for coffee, take a stroll with them and chat.

Some readers talk about their appreciation for the values apparent in my stories—human values shared such as kindness and respect. And I especially love hearing from readers who say they have learned something from reading the Klepto Cat Mysteries. One fan said that a tip in one of my books showed her how to clear up the mysterious chin acne both of her cats suffered with. She was also interested in the whisker stress issue that is a problem for some cats when they’re eating.

Because I know you are reading and you’re paying attention, I’ve actually listed 100 things you can learn from the Klepto Cat Mysteries. You might be surprised at the scope of the list. Check it out at my website, here: http://www.KleptoCatMysteries.com. I think you’ll also enjoy watching the interesting action of the 47 book covers coming into and going out of view at the site. It’s mesmerizing. Your cat might enjoy watching this too—after all, there are kitties on all the covers.

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