Newsday Tuesday – The Secrets in Your Cat’s Face

Surely you’ve noticed that cats have different shaped faces. Basically, there’s the round face, the triangle, and the square-shaped face. But did you know that you may be able to get a clue as to a kitten’s or a cat’s personality by the shape of her face?

What do we look at when we want to adopt or rescue? Maybe the color of the cat, body type, length of fur, how friendly the eyes look, her general attitude? The thing is that if you pay attention to the shape of the cat’s face when selecting one, everything else might fall into place. If at all possible, you’ll want to know the cat’s back story: where did she come from, what sort of stress has she endured, how was she treated, does she know people, or has she been on the streets her entire life?

Beyond that, the shape of the face can give you some insight into the cat’s personality because the face shape can hint at the cat’s ancestry.

A cat or kitten with a round face, for example, big round eyes, and a cobby body is most likely descended from a Burmese, Persian, or British shorthair. This cat is likely to be a sweet and affectionate companion.

The cat with a triangular shaped face is probably part Siamese or Cornish Rex, for example. This cat may be more talkative and active.

If you happen across a cat with a square face, she will probably be more dog-like and mellow much like the lovely Maine coon cat. Here’s a site with more information on choosing a cat based on her face shape


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