Mindful Monday — Fun Feline Facts

If you’re like me, you read every quirky, interesting, odd cat fact or story you stumble across. So you may enjoy this week’s blog posts. Today I’ll share some rather strange, fascinating, and obscure facts about cats. Be sure to hang around for the rest of the week’s posts because we’ll also cover how to choose the right cat by his face shape, signs that you are a crazy cat parent, why cats like some humans and not others, and the “cat stare” explained—finally. Why do they do that? On to the fun cat facts:

1: A cat’s brain is more similar to a computer than you might imagine. They can actually think for themselves—figure things out—which is probably why they seem aloof and why they won’t always do things the way we want them to. They have little minds of their own. And before we consider their brain small or with less capacity than ours. Here’s an interesting tidbit. The cat’s brain is 90% similar to ours.

2: A recent article in Scientific American reported that a cat’s brain can hold a thousand times more data than the average iPad with 64 gigabytes of storage, and that a cat can process data a million times faster. Wow! The next time I want to do some fact-checking, I’ll just ask the cat. Only thing is, a cat isn’t as cooperative as Alexa or Google.

3: In the 1870s the postmaster in a small town in Belgium tried to use cats to deliver the mail. Of course, you’re laughing, because of course this failed. Cats aren’t going to do anything that doesn’t directly suit them.

4: Cats have 20 muscles in their ears. Now you know how they can twitch and twist and fold and wiggle their ears so easily.

5: Cats can make around 100 different sounds. They can even mimic the sound of a human baby. I was helping out with a new set of twin infants in our family last week and was told that earlier they heard a baby crying in a back room. The twins were sweetly sleeping in the living room at the time. They went to investigate and discovered that it was their munchkin cat—yes, imitating the sound of the twins crying.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up of cat facts. Stay tuned the rest of the week for more interesting stuff about our favorite fur-pals.

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