Frivolous Friday – Dressing Cats Yay or Nay

My latest book, Something to Meow About, features cats dressing up. It’s a rather light story where the humans have fun dressing and photographing cats. It’s all for a good cause, of course, and no cat was harmed in the process.

Not everyone agrees with the concept of dressing a cat. Most cats are against it, too. However there are very forgiving cats that will allow their favorite small child to try doll clothes on him or tie a bonnet on her. But this activity isn’t strictly child-play. Clothing and accessories for animals is big business. Many department stores and pet stores carry pet apparel. Millions of people dress their pets for more than just Halloween, for example to the tune of around $350 million a year. Are you one of them?

Granted you see more dogs dressed than cats. Cats aren’t out and about with their people as often as dogs are. In fact have you ever seen a cat dressed up? I have at cat shows and conventions/conferences. There are also sites with cute cats wearing clothes. Check out these photos and I dare you not to smile.

If you sew, you might be interested in entering the business and rake in some of those dollars we’re spending on jammies, ruffled skirts, tutus, and chic hats for our cats and dogs. Here’s a site designed to guide you in starting a pet apparel business.

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