Frivolous Friday – Signs That Your Cat Truly Loves You

Those of us who have had cats for a long time and have known several cats have a pretty good idea of when a cat is demonstrating a sense of caring or dare I say love toward you. This may be more an expression of dependence, appreciation or maybe some other emotion that we aren’t evolved enough to understand yet.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen what I would describe as love on my cats’ faces, in their body language and behavior. But cats have a reputation for being aloof and self-serving, so how can that be?

As I write this, Olivia (our four month old kitten), is purring in my lap. She has draped herself over one of my arms and she looks up at me and mews softly ever once in a while. Is she saying, “I love you and just want to lay here and snuggle with you because I adore being close to you?” Or is she saying, “Sit still and quit moving your arm. I want your hands on me—me—me!! I’m trying to take a nap here?”

If you sometimes question what your cat’s antics and behavior truly means, you can continue to make it up as you go along or you can read what some of the experts say. Here’s a site you may enjoy as it lists nine signs that your cat actually loves you.

I, for one, was eager to read that article and I was glad I did. YES! According to the experts, Olivia is head-over-heels in love with me. Sophie? Yeah, she thinks I’m okay as long as I keep the food coming.

Here are some of the signs that your cat loves you: She brings you things, she shows her tummy, then there are those little head butts—yes, those are evidently signs of affection. The purr, the kneading, the eye contact—all part of the cat’s way of showing love. Then there’s the clingy cat or the clingy stage for a cat. Kittens, for example, will often choose someone in the family to cling onto and it’s usually the person who pays them the most attention, feeds them, plays with them… For Olivia-kitten, it’s me!!! That makes me so happy, as you can imagine.

She follows me. She seeks me out for petting sessions. She sleeps next to me on my pillow every night. I’m the chosen one.

What about the kitty-kiss? Do cats kiss the same way we do? With the mouth? Have you ever wondered what a kitty-cat kiss is? You might be surprised. I found this site interesting—but I’m not sure I completely believe it.

Experts say that when a cat licks you, it is not considered a kiss. He’s likely licking remnants of your lunch off your face. However, have you ever had a kitten-lick-kiss? I like to think that’s what Olivia is doing when she give me a quick lick on my cheek or chin occasionally during one of our cuddle sessions.

How does your cat love you? Can you count the ways?


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