Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

Would you believe I just finished the final first draft of Book 47 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series? I expect to publish the print version in late October or early November–maybe things will happen more quickly. As usual, the e-book will follow within a few weeks. That will be seven published books this year. And the reader reviews are spectacular—getting better and better all the time.

I don’t often give hints about an upcoming book, but I’m kind of excited about this one. I’m not as excited as I was when I cameoed Lily (aka Lizzie) in Book 45 Love at First Purr. That book was super special to me as I was able to share so much of who our sweet tabby, Lily, was. I do plan to bring Olivia into one of my stories at some point. Like most cats, she is unique and oh, so special. I’m working on a suitable plot for her cameo appearance, but first I’m spending more time getting to know her. Cats can change and grow just like people do. She brings something new to the table every few days–keeping us on our toes and laughing.

Book 47 is in pretty great contrast to Book 46. In Book, Something to Meow About, we had fun. We featured cats dressing up. There were some conflicts and tension within the story to keep mystery readers entertained and challenged, but for the most part it was a rather sweet, calm story.

Not so in Book 47. I’ve revved up the tension in this story, had fun with some interesting characters, and put Rags to work in unique circumstances. I think you’re going to enjoy the effort. The title is even intriguing: Meowing in the Moonlight.

Oh, and Book 48 is pushing to explode from my brain onto the screen. Currently, the beta readers are doing their thing with Book 47. I’ll do at least one more editing session, then it goes off to the professional editor. When it returns with her fabulous suggestions, I’ll do another edit or two or three, then the formatting begins and I’ll edit and proof the hard copy. The next step is to write the back cover copy and okay the design. Once we’re set, it goes off to Amazon for publishing. As soon as they get it and approve it and post it (which takes a day or two) you can start placing your orders. Stay posted.

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