Mindful Monday – Does Your Cat Know That You Love Her?

It’s easy to express your love for your cat. We adore cuddling and snuggling with a precious cats, petting them, and keeping them safe at all costs. But what we don’t always take into consideration is how our efforts come across to the cat. Does she recognize our brand of affection? Does she understand it as an outpouring of love or an annoyance?

Obviously cats are different from humans—they don’t have the same needs and desires and motivations as we do. You know how sometimes a wonderful petting session can abruptly end before you’re ready to end it. The cat jumps off your lap and wanders out of the room never to be seen again until meal time. What’s up with that?

Some cats seem unable to tolerate an enthusiastic petting. Two strokes and your sweet moment turns into a biting-fest. And sometimes even treats, new toys, and extra special meals seem to fall flat when it comes to the cat understanding your outpouring of love.

For those of us who want to give back to our cats at the level they give to us, experts have put together these five tips. I think some of them will surprise you.


It seems that the best thing you can do in order to really express your love so your cat understands it is to take a cue from your cat. Watch, listen, and learn what she actually wants from you.

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