Newsday Tuesday – Dogs That Bring Home the Cats

You’ve heard of the klepto cat. I write about one and I share news of others in this blog. A cat might also bring home mice, rats, rabbits, quail, gophers, and kittens. Today’s stories involve dogs that love their cats.

I love this story of a golden retriever who recently lost his best friends—another dog and a cat, so one day he went out and found himself a new best friend. Yes, Crosby brought home a tiger kitten who looked remarkably similar to the cat the family had lost and, yes, he was allowed to keep her. Here’s the story and photos if you’d like to read it. It’s sweet.

Here’s a video that will crack you up—or at least cause you to crack a smile. It’s hilarious. This is what happened when one pet owner asked the dog to bring home their wandering cat.


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