Frivolous Friday – Having Fun With Olivia

You may notice that I’m using a lot of photos in my posts lately of a calico kitten. That’s Olivia, our new adorable rescue. Isn’t she cute? She is keeping us busy and keeping us laughing. What fun. We had a setback last week, however. She had more of her kitten vaccines on Friday. This one included leukemia and evidently it can cause discomfort for a kitten. Our veterinarian told us after she got the shot that she might be lethargic for 24 hours or so. Poor Olivia, she was so miserable. I felt awful for her. She slept for nearly 24 hours, couldn’t bring herself to eat, and when she walked, she limped. So sad to see. I called the veterinarian first thing Saturday morning and she suggested 1/8th of a baby aspirin (or what used to be called a baby aspirin—the 81-mil). I don’t know if that helped or if the discomfort just ran its course, but the following morning she was herself again—more needy and demanding—active and alert.

Our world has changed since Olivia joined us. I’ve redecorated to protect her (and some of my breakables), my work schedule has changed—there’s more playing going on. She’s learning food-station boundaries (that she can eat her kitten food in peace at her feeding-station, but that Sophie’s food is off limits).

I adore her enthusiasm for life, her affectionate nature, her energy, even her spit-fire attitude, but short of closing my office door while I’m working, there seems to be no way to discourage her from trotting over my keyboard—and I have to admit, there are times when my office door is closed.

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