Thoughts for Thursday – How Well Do You Know Your Cat?

If you’re like me, you’ve had cats for years. You read about them, talk about them, study the latest research, and you never bypass a video of a cute cat on facebook. I quickly bypass political and negative posts, but I’ll stop and smile for a picture or video of a cat. I also watch programs on TV involving cats. Have you ever watched Jackson Galaxy’s “Cats From Hell” program? He’s back with new cat dilemmas. I also have questions for my veterinarian when I visit her with one of our cats. Well, you know cats, they’re always throwing you a curve with their behavior, activities, etc. Yup, just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about even one particular cat, that cat comes up with something new. Right?

I came across this article recently where eight of our most burning questions are answered by veterinarians. Interested? I thought so. Here’s the link:

Here you’ll learn how to tell if your cat is overweight, if a can a cat be taught to use the toilet and if it’s a good idea to do so, whether or not you can give your cat too much catnip and more. Here’s one question I found interesting. We’ve all entertained people in our home who have cat allergies or who just don’t like cats. Everyone else in the room is trying to entice the cat… “Here sweet kitty. Let me pet you. You’re so pretty…” But one person sits quietly hoping the cat doesn’t notice her. Guess who the cat navigates toward. Right. Why is that? The answer is in this article.


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