Wild (And Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats, Masters of Change

Have you ever noticed how much a newly adopted cat can change your household and even you?  That’s because each cat comes with a different personality, traits, habits, and activity level. What can you expect to change? Practically everything. Your schedule, your way of approaching chores, your habits, and even your décor.

Bring a kitten into your home, for example, and you’ll have to watch every step you take. They’re fast, curious, and spontaneous, and they don’t expect you to step on them or trip over them just because they’re skittering around in front of you or diving out from under the sofa to engage you. You may find yourself having to remember to keep the toilet lid down, tie up drapes and blind cords, cover your furniture with foil, constantly sweeping up litter, to never walk away from a sandwich. And forget about having any privacy.

If you adopt a dark-colored cat, you’ll probably wear more dark clothes—vice versa if you’ve fallen in love with a light-furred cat. No more sleek black dress, unless you dress in the garage on your way to an event. Beware, though, you might be surprised how much cat hair you carry on your clothing to your car every time you go somewhere.

When you adopt a new cat, you’ll probably have to adapt a new frame of mind—pay attention to details you took for granted before—like not to leave a vase of flowers where the cat can get it, using caution when closing the refrigerator door, and when opening the front door.

Your new cat or kitten will keep you on your toes, for sure, but what better way to endure the restrictions and boredom of the pandemic?

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