Mindful Monday – National Kitten Day

If I were to choose my favorite pet holiday it would be National Kitten Day. This year it was on Saturday, July 10. I don’t know how you celebrated, but I celebrated by sending a donation to my favorite cat rescue shelter, ResQCats in Santa Barbara.

I also found a fun site for us to relish. Here, experts point out what kittens can do for us. And some of it is scientific! For example:

1: Looking at kitten photos is good for your mental health. Well, they say that laughing is good for your health and photos or videos of kittens can sure make you feel happy inside.

2: Being around a kitten is good for your health. Research proves that it can lower your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and your stress level.

3: Watching kittens whether they’re playing or sleeping or simply purring in your lap can put you in a better mood.

4: Kittens are good for kids, too. With appropriate adult supervision, kittens can teach children a lot about empathy.

Want to know more about National Kitten Day? Here are a few sites you might enjoy.



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